The Enape Story

How Enape began...

At school, at university or in the sports club, my friends and I often asked ourselves: "Why should I actually make such an effort and achieve so much? You can do that without all the stress!" So it was not surprising that friends and acquaintances gradually said goodbye to the challenges and opportunities that life brings and only went through life according to the motto: "How do I manage to live a good life with as little effort as possible?"

Books or motivational clips on Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram or simple posts on social media give great impulses and inspirations to stand against it and go new ways. However, these impulses and the associated motivation never really seemed to have a lasting effect.

Something was missing, a different approach, a daily ritual, a spirit and a lifestyle that swears me in to the "daily struggle", that brings me back when I stray from the path and that can continue to grow with the months and years to gradually call up my full potential. That was the birth of the Enape brand (Enable the Ape, Enable Performance).

Meet the team

Ilyasse Kdami
Agus Priyanto
Bhawna Kalsi
Oleksandr Frolov
Graphic Design 

The Enape mission

Our mission here at Enape is to help people of all ages develop self-reliance and individual responsibility to become the best version of themselves.We aim to inspire you to take care of the small daily tasks that will sum up to great results in the future, both physically and mentally.This will empower you to create sustainable change in your life. We are en route to creating a global community and having people embracing the Enape spirit.