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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your mind training balls made out of?
Our mind training balls are made out of a BPA-free gel and maintain their shape 
using premium materials including a tear-resistant TPR gel core. They have been extensively tested and meet all European safety requirements. Test details can be sent upon request. 

What is the meaning behind the brand name Enape?
It has a double symbolic meaning made up of two words for each. It stands for " Enable the Ape" and "Enable Performance". It symbolizes the idea that the full potential of an individual is locked and development processes (more performance) can only be initiated if that potential (inner Ape) is gradually set free.

How can the mind training balls help?
Inspirational quotes, affirmations, and special designs can trigger self-motivation and establish positive thoughts. This will increase ambition and passion while facing challenges during the day. 

What is Enape´s commitment to sustainability? 
We are aware that this is an important topic. The steps we made are: using fully recyclable paper to fill our cartons, fully recyclable power tape to close the cartons, and using fully recyclable paper for our thank-you-cards. Still, there are more steps to do that we will try to consider for future production batches such as removing the plastic bags for the balls, removing thin foils used for closing the box, and looking to replace the bubble wrap. We started fresh on this topic but will continue to push for improvement.

Can your balls be cleaned?
Yes, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Are the surveys conducted to select the quotes and affirmations scientifically based?
They are neither scientifically based nor did we consider any specific experts, learning therapists, or youth psychologist. We preselected many quotes and affirmations from media, film, books, and our own experience and let our target group rate the level of motivation and inspiration each one has on them. The results can be provided upon request.