Viewing Yourself as a Development Project

Viewing Yourself as a Development Project

Those who aspire to achieve must, of course, make the necessary efforts. After all, there's a reason for the saying, "Nothing comes from nothing!" To build something substantial and reach goals, one must start somewhere, and that starting point is within ourselves. Not just motivation, patience, and perseverance are key words here. Self-motivation, or intrinsic motivation, is particularly important.

When the drive comes from within ourselves, it sets in motion processes that are different from those driven by extrinsic motivation, which comes from external factors. Of course, external support is important and helpful, but it's a form of assistance. However, those who approach a task with self-confidence and self-discipline from within can achieve improvements on a whole new level.

For this purpose, however, it is important to see oneself as a development project. Starting deep within oneself and making an impact there is an excellent starting point for all projects.


Talent and Starting Conditions Aren't Everything

Special talents or better starting conditions are often assumed to be necessary for success. However, this is not the case, as intrinsic motivation and determination can greatly enhance self-development. Viewing oneself as a development project, of course, presupposes a certain strategy.

First of all, self-reflection can always be helpful

Here are some questions to assist you:

  • "How can I improve?"
  • "How can I work my way up?"
  • "In which areas can I improve my performance?"
  • "What can I adjust to make my actions more efficient?"

To ultimately claim to have fully exploited one's potential through discipline and self-control, these and other questions are important in the process. Even more important, however, is the question of how exactly you reach this point.


Motivational Quotes to Support You

Using motivational quotes for yourself is an excellent idea. You're likely already familiar with motivational quotes on mugs, postcards, or even written on the bathroom mirror. They have power and help you to motivate yourself to peak performance. They assist in strengthening your self-confidence and can also boost your self-esteem. Self-reflection, self-esteem, and self-confidence are thus closely linked.

In general, a strong inner core is always advantageous. It's even better when you use actions to further reinforce this support for yourself. For example, an anti-stress ball. Various studies have shown that these small, handy balls effectively reduce fears, anger, and stress. Printing motivational quotes on them simply represented the next logical step for us. This way, we combine two effective methods for motivation in any situation. The motivational quotes on the anti-stress ball are always in your pocket and readily available when needed. It's great that you can use the stress ball simply in your trouser or jacket pocket.


Three Great Products for Every Phase of Life

Stress balls can help in many situations and greatly increase motivation. However, the respective quotes should make sense and also fit the current situation. Awakening intrinsic motivation in every person only succeeds if the motivational quote fits. In every age and every stage of life, a slightly different approach is needed

This is exactly why we have developed three different sub-brands and product groups:

  • Enape-1
  • Enape-2
  • Enape-3

Each of these three sets contains stress balls with phrases and affirmations that match the life phase. It is clear that Enape-1 is suitable for young people to start fresh and face the upcoming challenges with strength and discipline. Enape-2, on the other hand, helps maintain fighting spirit. This set stands for endurance and resilience in life and for more self-confidence and patience. Finally, there is Enape-3 with the motto: "Rise even further." If a lack of passion or vision sets in during later life stages, then this product is just right for you.

A Soothing Scent as the Perfect 'Topping'

Motivational quotes on an anti-stress ball are already a perfect combination. However, they work even better with the calming note of mint that emanates from the stress balls. Mint has numerous benefits, and for instance, when comparing peppermint tea with chamomile tea, the respective effects on the body are easy to recognize. This was the case, for example, in a study by the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University in Newcastle.

Positive effects on cognitive performance and more were identified. The scent of mint is also well-known in aromatherapy, for example, for calming, inducing sleep, or as a stimulating element. Peppermint scent is also commonly used against headaches. Therefore, peppermint scent is the 'cherry on top' that makes the anti-stress balls with motivational quotes so special.


Author: Nadine K.

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